Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide

The good news is that you can get all these delightful items in one place!! These are all real things you can purchase at Design Toscano.


Who doesn't want a face contorted with pain and rage hanging on their wall? It's so much easier than looking in the mirror!Oh, how fun! Gigantic fake dinosaur bones to delight the children and confound the neighbors.
Looky here! It's a sneaky, bashful Yeti hiding behind your tree. Gotcha!
Want to indulge your inner Peeping Tom but don't want to go to the expense of all those hidden cameras? What about a bronze wall hanging instead?
This is part of Toscano's exclusive Temptresses line. Why, if it isn't a saucy witch, spread eagle, holding your iPod!
This is what you call a real "conversation piece!" (if you need an ice breaker at your orgy)
Nothing complements a spring garden like a zombie statue crawling out of your azaleas.
A political statement on our country's obesity problem? Or a fun way to poke fun at Michelangelo's most famous sculpture? You be the judge!
I saved the best for last. Words fail me. It's an Obama gargoyle, y'all. USA!!


Stephanie Jones said...

I noticed that some of these are Sky Mall items, one of my personal favorites to laugh at while flying. I LOVE the Garden Yeti. He's my fave.

Anonymous said...

Woman, you have a sick sense of humor. WHICH IS WHY I LIKE YOU SO MUCH. :)

Anonymous said...

Good Lord!