Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Stretching Thinner

My great uncle Devoe died unexpectedly Monday morning. This is a photo I took of him last March when he was inducted into the Arkansas Agriculture Hall of Fame. He was a legend in our family and a legend in SW Arkansas. We will all miss him very much. I have wonderful memories of visiting his house when I was younger and waking up to a calf in the kitchen. The calf had been rejected by its mother and had to be brought inside and nursed by hand. I remember Uncle Devoe loving banana pudding with vanilla wafers in it, brown beans cooked with bacon fat and skillet cornbread, and him taking us riding in his big truck as he drove around his property feeding his cows.


AMD said...

Oof, sorry for your loss, Alannah! Big hugs tomorrow evening!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that - he sounded quite a man.

Anonymous said...

i'm late to the news since i was out of the country, but i wanted to say i'm so sorry for your loss alannah - he sounds like an amazing man, the kind we all wish to have in our families. it's the little things, the love of banana pudding with vanilla wafers, that stick so hard alongside the bigger things, those little things that tug at our hearts. hell, his love of banana pudding tugged at mine and i never got to meet him.