Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Went By In The Blink Of An Eye

Hello! Wasn't it December 12 like yesterday? I'm not kidding. Our term didn't end until December 23 and I had two days to finalize shopping, wrap presents, and get ready to host our family's small Christmas day gathering. All the stress before the holiday does not seem relative to the length of time we spend together as a family, just enjoying each other's company. SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE, PEOPLE!

And then I had the week between Christmas and New Year off work which is heavenly, don't get me wrong...but I tend to overschedule myself for that week, trying to spend time with family and see friends who are in town PLUS try to do things for me that I can only do during that time (stay up all night doing meaningless arts & crafts projects, pruning my Netflix queue, falling down a YouTube hole and coming out three hours later and stuck in the 70s). It's all over way too quickly and I never feel like I got to do or see everything and everyone I wanted to, but I can't dwell in regret. (yet I do, oh how I do).

I did think to take pictures for much of it. So that's something.

Here is my beloved and adorable grandmother with my equally adorable but shit-stirring dog. I am already dwelling in regret over using the term "shit-stirring" in the same sentence as my lovely grandmother. We have Christmas costumes for all the pets now. WE ARE THOSE PEOPLE. Proudly.
Chicklet the reindeer would like you all to die.

Really. DIE.
I managed one picture before we opened the gifts Christmas morning, which is more like Christmas afternoon now that there aren't young kids in the family anymore. We are super lazy and take our time, drinking coffee with Bailey's, eating brunch (trout & pesto frittatas, roasted garlic rosemary potatoes), and talking.
Just pretend that this is our 2010 holiday card. Picture D., me, and the pets all in our costumes. It never happened. But can you imagine it?
We had friends over on Christmas evening. After a few ginger champagne cocktails it was time to torture the pets one last time. You know they really loved the attention.
If this picture were in better focus (damn those ginger champagne cocktails), this would make a great holiday card too. Hi Marty and Patrick!
Because I just haven't gotten enough Marty & Patrick these past few months (hey, I've got YEARS of neglect to make up for, never having visited them in North Carolina or Ohio), we also went to visit them in Kansas City after Christmas. Because I've already documented the Nelson Atkins Museum here and here, I didn't bother with photos inside.

Stella is definitely not my little girl anymore. This picture freaks me out, but I love it and she looks beautiful.
This is the main administration building for the Kansas City Art Institute, where Marty teaches.
Behind the Kemper Art Museum. I think it is part of the Kemper? Or maybe KCAI? Marty? Help!
This huge sculpture of Lenin's head with tiny Mao on top is part of a visiting exhibit by The Gao Brothers. I'm very glad we caught it in its last days.
These portraits are part of the exhibit.
Here is Stella looking at the big manipulated photo of China as a giant bee/person hive.
See? China as a hive.
And up close...there's PEOPLE in those hives.
Stella underneath the giant spider sculpture. This is part of her exposure therapy. I am making one this big to place over her bed for the final stage of her recovery.
Stella and Marty outside the KCAI sign. Such a pretty campus and a really beautiful day. No coats!
We waited in line for ONE HOUR to eat barbecue. Were we insane? Here's the line outside Oklahoma Joe's. It's attached to a gas station (instant street cred, man) but I must say...the wait was worth it! Mmmm, there are few things in life better than really good barbecue.
Post-Barbecue food comas at Marty & Patrick's. This is Parsnip and she is wonderful.
She just doesn't get any attention at all, poor thing.
Neither does this one. Cue the Sarah McLachlan!

Hello, world. My name is Simon and I will lick the heck out of some blinds cords (see behind me). And that's just the beginning of my eccentricities.


Carrie said...

Stella looks just like you w/ her sunglasses and how she stands, etc. Two beautiful women. Hopefully I can see you soon!

Marty Maxwell Lane said...

Great photos of our KC time. I'm so glad you take photos, no one else does anymore :( That building is the Ceramics department of KCAI.

And, uhm... that picture of me and pork "presenting" django is about the best thing ever.

Alannah said...

I miss you too, Carrie! We need to talk soon about January/baby shower/etc. Call me some evening soon!

Marty, my favorite is the picture of Simon. He is really something "special," isn't he?

jessica said...

Your not kidding about Stella...and I think she looks just like you in that photo too! What college is she going to next year?

I wanna come over for champagne drinks...the holidays make me miss you, and thinking of drinking together. So when are we going to Mexico. I am working on getting a university job so I can have longer vacations and come home at least once a year for a month.