Thursday, March 10, 2011

deep cover

Well, if I'm to trust the privacy settings on this blog, then it's just a few of you and me.

FUCK!!! It feels great!

The Koch Brothers are assholes and guess what? THEY'RE the ones who "hate our freedom."

Republicans, FOX News, and a good amount of men hate women.

I wish I could publicly not give a shit and wear t-shirts that say, "I'm probably an atheist," "I had an abortion and don't regret it," "Choose Masturbation," "What can you learn from those with less than you?" or "Be Patient. We're all trying to figure it out in our own way."

I don't know.

So I had to go into hiding because I have a phone interview lined up for a job I think I want. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

It's been a very challenging week. An icon in my town died in a fire. He was a fixture of "old Dickson Street." Before it became so horrifyingly gentrified. I learned that a friend has breast cancer. She's my age. It looks completely treatable right now...but I know how sneaky and insidious and ruthless cancer can be. It's the ultimate villain.

But I'm working on staying positive and staying present. When all else fails, I put on loud music and dance in my bedroom. The other night Stella joined me. Mother and daughter dorking it out together...oh man, it makes my heart swell. She sure is special. I just want her to be fulfilled, confident, courageous, healthy, and proud of herself. I'm not sure I encourage those traits in her enough because I don't do it enough with me.

Are we caught up? I know I've left out a lot.


Anonymous said...

I love you!

Carolyn said...

as do I

Kelly said...

I know you said you didn't want to think about it too much but..
good luck with the interview!

dina said...

it has been a pretty shitty week, but i'm trying to stay positive and remind myself that things will get better. i also applied for a new job, so wonder twin powers, activate!

ste-pha-nie said...

I love that you and Stella danced it all out together! So awesome!
Stuff like that keeps at bay the sickness that is an "us and them" kind of mentality.
Good music is good.

michelle said...