Thursday, December 15, 2011

Age of Wonder

First of all, before I forget, you must all go here: This site has TONS of old photographs, from all over the world, in all subject matters. It's fascinating. I lost hours last night to this site.

Last week a young woman who I really only knew because her "friendship" had been recommended to me by a mutual friend on Facebook, accosted me at this mutual friend's house. She was adorably exuberant. "I read everything you write," She said, "And I have a total friend crush on you!" I know that feeling - it is as exciting as a romantic crush. I thought it was so sweet that a young woman in her early 20s would admire and like me so much.

I feel so grateful to have friends of all ages. One of my closest friends, Jude, is in her late 50s after all. It's so valuable to have perspectives and insights that range from idealistic and fresh to experienced and wise. And those perspectives are not attached to any certain ages. That's important to remember.

I am looking forward to developing a friendship with this sweet girl who is at least 12 years my junior. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. THANK GOD. Because I'm exhausted. All the time.

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