Thursday, November 01, 2012

2012 in Phone Photos

I'm on a roll, people! And I want to make up for the sadness of my last post. In addition to the Colorado pics, I've also uploaded a ton of photos from my phone this past year. Phone cameras have really gotten pretty good!
You know this girl.  My baby, 17 yrs old and almost out of the house. 

Our newest addition, Benjamin...back when he was cuddly and little.  He's a typical boy who doesn't like to be cuddled too much anymore...but every once in while we can catch him in a sweet mood.

On the drive home from our February trip to see Ai Lien and Andrew.  We went to the races in Hot Springs and hit up Goodwill before coming home.  Stella chose this goofy 80s print silk jacket.  I think it's back in style though, which cracks me up.

My mom.  I took her to Crystal Bridges for her birthday back in February during a rare time of closeness between us.  Sad but true.

Stella went to Austin for SXSW on her first big trip without me for Spring Break.  She stayed with my good friend Natalie and shared a house with another good old friend of mine, Joe.  He hadn't seen Stella since he was our neighbor when Stella was first born.  Crazy how time flies, huh? 

Gorgeous clouds over a Fayetteville landmark, IGA.

Stella and Moses at Prom, May 2012.  They've been friends since pre-school.  And yes, his eyes were closed in every single picture.  Boys!

The girls at prom.  I loved Stella's turquoise heels with her orange-y red dress. 

Stella with Abbey, her big sister of sorts. 

Favorite hill in the world.  Hwy 221 going down to cross the Kings River.  Riverdream is to your left, Trigger Gap is to your right. 

Stella had to dress as a famous French person and give a presentation in French.  Did my girl pick Coco Chanel or Marie Antoinette (not French but Austrian, I know)?  No.  She picked a notorious French serial killer from the 1980s.  Can't remember his name because I studied German not French.  I love this picture, though. 

I went to Washington DC in July for a conference with 41 of the best young people from around the world.  I loved this program and I loved these students so much.  I love my job when I get to feel good about the future of these countries, if judged by these young students.  This neighborhood near the Congress buildings and big government offices had gorgeous architecture.  I love walking around this city, even in the oppressive humidity.

Hey, here are those students I was talking about!  Seen here are beautiful young women from (L-R) Indonesia, Pakistan, Senegal, Palestine, Burkina Faso, and India.  I'm telling you - amazing young people. 

I got to visit the Museum of the American Indian for the first time.  Very Guggenheim-esque from this angle, I think.  Poor architects...every single rounded edge with layers like this will be compared to that building.

Sun shining through the cobwebby windows at Riverdream.  I spent many, many hours here in the past two years cooking and caring for Patt.  It was an honor and a privilege and, truthfully, I feel kind of empty without that specific duty to attend to.

This was in Colorado.  I love this expression of sheer joy.  She loves natural beauty as much as I do and she was giddy to be surrounded by the mountains.

My girl and my oldest friend's boy.  Granite Orion is adorable, even if it took him a few days to warm up to us.

I got him to warm up to me eventually.  This was our last night in Durango.

Fayetteville experienced a crazy sudden thunderstorm with very high winds in early September.  I heard it referred to as a "microburst."  Some poor soul picked the worst possible parking space - across from Jefferson Elementary on Martin Luther King Blvd.

Two words for you - BABY LION!!!! 

Stella tortured Benjamin with this get-up.  Yes, that's a Bret Michaels wig & do-rag.  I wonder if he ever thought, back in his Poison heyday, that one day he'd have his own line of pet products. 

Ewwwww!  I know that's gross.  I apologize.  But that is one heck of a nasty cavity from my daughter's mouth.  Let it serve as a cautionary tale.  BRUSH YOUR TEETH!!!

I think the saddest part of my breakup with D. was losing custody of this peanut.  Sometimes I get to keep her again.  It's always a joyous occasion. 

There is no explanation for my hair other than to think it's an homage to Simply Red

Stella had her senior picture session with a photographer I've admired for quite some time, Lindsey from Bluebird Photography.  We picked the perfect day for it. 

I couldn't let the professional be the only one to take advantage of the perfect light that day!  I'm wearing my very favorite necklace, handmade by my super talented friend Flannery Horan and purchased for me by my other talented friend, and midwife, Natalie Lake.

Another from the senior pictures session.

I hope you can see the cat playing piano t-shirt on my kitty cat.

First frost of Fall...taken at Riverdream last weekend. 

And the very last harvest of my little garden this season.  Three days later and they're STILL  in the sink!  Anyone wanna help me can before the fruit flies take over my kitchen???

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