Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bury That Lead, Girl. Bury It!

I can't WAIT to bury the lead that is my previous post.  It just makes me nervous, writing about something so personally devastating.  "Really?!" You might argue, "Isn't that why blogs were invented?"  Oh okay, you got me.

Last week in a fit of deranged insomnia I started an online dating profile.  Lemme tell you - if you think the bar scene is weird and depressing you ain't seen NOTHIN' until you've seen what awaits a single lady in her late 30s in this region of the U.S.  Horrifying, pitiful, and just plain confusing are the first adjectives that jump to mind.  I can't believe how some of these dudes might think they're presenting an attractive package.  I also can't believe...no wait, I guess I can believe...how many guys will message me when it's abundantly clear that we have nothing in common and would, in fact, probably DISlike each other if we ever met in person.  No problem at all!

In other news, I've been reading blogs again lately . I get a lot of inspiration and happy feelings from good blogs where the writer's voice is clear and true.  And I get really annoyed by some blogs that are popular for apparently taking a lot of pictures of the writer's fantasy world that she is fakely presenting to the world.  No thanks, ladies - no thank you.  I'll post links just as soon as I feel like it and I'm not actively trying to avoid writing a grant proposal for work or cover up a previous post with nonsense like THIS!

I bet you're wanting some photos too, huh? 

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m said...

UGH. Just... NO THANKS. I think I sent you an email not too long ago with a more detailed reaction.

Spinstah Michelle