Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finally - Some Photos!

No photos of me in this post...I'm always the one behind the lens. I'm embarrassed to say that these are from A MONTH AGO! Last night a friend told me that he doesn't know anyone busier than me. I wasn't proud. Well, maybe I was a tiny bit, deep down in that weird spot where you like hearing that you're the "most" of anything. But that is one F'ed-up brand of pride. I should be spending more time on making sure my life is clean and organized but instead I'm out there trying to give every last drop of myself to those I love and those I'm paid to at least pretend to like. Luckily I usually love the ones I'm paid to spend time with.  I'm mostly happy most of the time, I must be doing something right.   

ASIDE:  As I'm writing this * work* a student came into my office.  At this point with this one program I cringe when a student walks in because it could be a simple doctor's appointment that turns into six hours at the ER (this has happened to me TWICE already in the past seven weeks), it could be a weird issue with an online order and an orderer who can't speak the language, or it could be what happened just now - a student who was only looking for a cup so he could get enough water to take a pill.  I nearly kissed him I was so happy that it was something so simple and easy.  I've got to take refuge in the hundreds of simple things I can solve and help with and focus less on the few big issues that the students generate (pregnancy, family emergencies, health issues, interpersonal issues, culture shock, lack of language skills, et fucking cetera)

These photos are from Martin Luther King Jr. Day Weekend, a lovely three-day weekend in which I went to my favorite place on earth, the Kings River, to spend time with one of my favorite people on this earth, Jude - the woman who delivered my daughter and delivered me from so many depressions I lost count. Best of all, it was sunny and warm and let me tell you - warm sunshine on your skin in the winter is a MIRACLE.  I'm not ashamed to say that I took off my jacket and laid down on the rock of this overlook, hugging the warm, rounded edges and let the sun soak deep into me.  I swear I can feel the sunlight doing its magic at the molecular level, photosynthesizing Vitamin D and instantly making me feel happier and calmer.  I can't remember seeing the sun once this week.  Dreary and bleak and all I want to do is hole up and watch Project Runway and Justified in my blanket nest. 

But back to a month ago....This was from our short hike to the Kings River Overlook.  Super easy hike and breathtaking scenery.  This is why I love the Ozarks and can't imagine leaving permanently. 
Jude looking around

A photo of a photo being taken.  FASCINATING

Looking down and to the Southwest

Looking east

In case you didn't see the photo above

Do you see the profile?  Doesn't that look like a nose?

Moon rising

More moon

Oh!  And a closer look at the face in the rock

Texture.  Bark.  Good. 

A rosy piece of fungus.  A better photographer would have moved those twigs out of the way.

Then on my last night at the River/Eureka we went to Jude's son Farar's birthday party.  Farar and his beautiful wife Carmen (de Mexico) and their two boys Daniel and Samuel were perfect hosts.  Plus I got to see a bunch of old friends who are like my siblings in that we've known each other since we were little kids and love each other despite all of our quirks and oddities and predilections.

Caleb and Sal.  I've known Sal since I was maybe 8 or 9

Sal and Colin in the kitchen, Jenae and Carmen back there. 

Sal is my idol because he built his own house and it's beautiful and incredibly energy efficient and it's beautiful.

Birthday boy Farar

Samuel Liam and his Abuela Jude.  This boy LOVES being passed around by pretty ladies

Hi Samuel

Craig trying to get Samuel to crack a smile.

Sara Ann and Patrick

Getting sleepy

Jenae, Hanna, Samuel and Jude

Kristen and Samuel

Farar and Sara Ann
My girl wasting a day at the river crashing out.

At least I got something up and posted.  Right? 


Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Lovely photos! I spent some time in the Ozarks in 2007 and will definitely be back. (I totally see the nose, by the way.)

AMY said...

I do miss the Arkansas Ozarks! And I'm glad to see photos, even if you aren't in them. I wish you had to come visit Orange County for some reason! I miss you!