Monday, March 11, 2013

A Week Late

No, not the exciting kind of "week late." Just my report from LAST Saturday.

The plan was for Stella and me to drive to Little Rock and then Hot Springs with Ai Lien and Andrew to go to the races at Oaklawn.  We did this last year and had so much fun.  But then my daughter up and got herself a boyfriend and now doesn't want to give up an ENTIRE WEEKEND, MOM to hang out with old people.

But do old, boring people do awesome stuff like THIS?!:

Line up beautiful lipsticks to marvel at how close our preferred colors are

Set up still life scenes before meal prep?  This will be an arugula/shaved fennel/green apple w/ warm shallot vinaigrette salad.  AND IT WILL RULE.

Capture the first steps in making homemade pasta!  Did you get a load of all those olive oil & vinegar bottles?  We went to a store that has nothing but great oils & vinegars and lost our minds.  I'm not sure I can ever buy grocery store blended cheap olive oil again. 
Pasta dough blending

Feline interpersonal dynamics are endlessly interesting to me.  SOLO crying for wet food, Hot  Dog patiently in the back, knowing his place, waiting to slurp up the leftovers. 

Step one

We're just getting started

I like this wine.  And closer view of our beloved oils & vinegars. 

ATM was taking photos.  I hate my camera's internal flash so I'd rather just deal w/ blurry photos.  This is me, rolling dough through the machine. 

This photo ALMOST captures how lush and bouncy Ai Lien's hair looked. 

Shit!  No!  The dough is buckling and then it'll catch inside the machine and get gunky all over. 


This one makes me laugh
Rollin Dough and a close-up of my everyday left arm/hand decoration

Thinner and thinner

From Up Top

Nearly translucent

This is it.  Ai Lien and I are both arms of the pasta-making beast

The blur makes my face completely insane but I had to include this one of the final results!

Drying on cookie racks

Then into salted boiling water for only about 5 min for perfectly al dente

We just took the carbs and RAN with them.  Uncle Jesse's Roasted Garlic bread from Little Bread Co., that oil & vinegar from Strippagio. 

I love the patterns in A & A's living room. Not really this yellow.

Taking the over-the-topness of the evening over the top was when we read poetry to each other.  For real.  

My point is:  I love those two.  And love our no-firm-plans weekends and I always leave their sweet home, that feels 100% like a HOME and not a "curated residential scene" feeling invigorated, inspired, validated, and reassured that I'm doing the right thing by staying here in this progressive-resistant state and working to improve from the inside.

How were your weeks? 


AMD said...

Alannah! Maybe I'm just biased, but that was an awesome post and it was like reliving it all over again. That meal!!! Uhn! <--that guttural noise

Solo really is a humorless kitty, damn.

AMD said...

Also, these photos make me want to get serious about making the kitchen a little nicer already.

Michelle N said...

I love this! I just wish I could have seen an up-close picture of the wallpaper. :)

Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Lovely! Your posts about your friends always have such a warm glow. And that lipstick photo is making me swoon. :)