Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Fashionably Late Post

So my UBER talented sister, Jessy, showed her designs at Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week 2013 (NWAFW).  They started doing this a few years ago and it keeps getting bigger and fancier, with big-name sponsors (Mercedes-Benz & L'oreal this year).  I can't emphasize enough how proud I was of my sister.  One small critique is how the shows were organized.  There were shows every night from Thursday-Saturday.  It seemed like a mix of local designers showing their collections AND local boutiques showing looks.  I have no problem with stores wanting to show cute looks all put together like that, but I don't think they should've been mixed in with the designers' collections.

There's just a huge difference between showing clothes that were most likely made in a factory in another country and HANDMADE designs.  Every single stitch of these dresses was done by Jessy's hand.  In keeping with her philosophy of natural, sustainable, fashion that looks good and feels good to wear, the fabric she chose was all organic.  It felt incredible to the touch, smooth, just the right amount of sheen.  Gorgeous.

I was my usual manic, stressed-out freak that night.  I went directly from a farewell dinner for my students to this show and of course had worked all day so I didn't have time to get situated and get my camera set up right so these photos are blurry and the color might be a little off.  However, as you'll see below, after the show I got Jess to pose with her models.

My sister owns a small boutique, Good Things, and has a great eye for design.  It was what she was trained and educated to do.  But she's focused so much on the marketing and merchandising for her store that she hasn't done any MAKING in a long time so this was a huge step for her and I really hope it's the beginning of a new, creative chapter for her.  I think she'll start designing and making more and more of her own clothes which I fully support!  Even if she weren't my sister I would shop at her store and want her clothes.  She reminds me of Eileen Fisher in that her selections are classic, timeless, gorgeous pieces that will last you forever.

So, without further ado - J Lang Designs Spring 2013 Collection! 

Every detail was attended to - love that little pintuck in the back.

There is a thin strip of sequins and netting down the front of this dress.  You have to get real up close to see that it's actually kind of racy!  Just the tiniest sexy strip.

That's Jessy in the black dress

This model's hair and coloring were so beautiful - and I absolutely love it with that pearly blue dress

After the show - the models were starting to change when we stopped them for a group photo.

We couldn't find Greenley so her photos were taken later.  That capelet is so cute!

Love Jessy's style as much as I do?  Tell her!

I had to add this last photo because you can see my crazy ass back there taking the picture.  I was trying to get these little aproned-up dolls together for a photo


Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

Looks like a great show and a fun time. I like that her garments are a little sexy--so often "organic fabric" means lounge pants or something just plain frumpy. These pieces are beautiful!

I Know Right? said...

That is awesome Alannah! Looks like it was loads of fun

AMY said...

I want all of those dresses! Jessy is so talented! Love it!