Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dispatches From The Ashes

Stella and I got back late last night from 3.5 days in  Durango.  It was Preview Weekend at the college of her dreams.  We're gonna try to make this happen.  A lot of cards appear to be falling into place.

I have a sunburn.  I finished Female Chauvinist Pigs, found on Ginny's shelf, and started The Marriage Plot which I've been hauling around, unread, since Kazakhstan at least.

Speaking of books, I joined a bookclub and am now 2/2 on unread club selections.  Oops.  I just keep finding other things I'd rather read, like my old buddy Scott Hutchins' UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLY good A Working Theory of Love.  I intend to devote an entire post to this book and my feelings about its author (SO PROUD!)  The closest way I can describe them succinctly is just to say that this book really tickled the best possible way.  Fantastic work, Scott!

I took my first hot yoga class a week ago.  I slipped and bumbled and groaned and sweat more than the entire month of August...but I held my own, dammit.  I breathed (panted) and forced myself through it, ordering my body to recalibrate itself and find balance.  Boy, oh boy I do get the appeal of this discipline.  Incredible!!  I felt limber and exhilarated afterward.  Keep in mind I couldn't sit up without wincing for 3 days but I can't wait to get back.  And next time I'll definitely know how it works.  I've already learned the hard way not come to class wearing a baggyish cotton t-shirt, toting a skimpy thin mat that turns into oiled glass when wet, and hair in a loose bun. 

This trip to Colorado was so much fun!  It was our birthday trip and the weather was perfect.  Stella and I hadn't been on a plane together since 1996.

I want to explain exactly why I love these things but need sleep and my neck is killing me and wow, am I ever sick of hearing such old crotchety excuses for not writing enough.  So just take it from me that each of these recommendations is wonderful and more than worthy of your precious time, attention, and patronage:

The film and soundtrack - Celeste & Jesse Forever.  Heartbreaking and funny and sweet.  Rashida Jones continues to incite sharp pangs of jealousy.  Does she HAVE to hit the Smart/Pretty/Talented trifecta so perfectly?  I'd hate her if I didn't love her so much.  Added super bonus - discovering Donnie & Joe Emerson.  They've got quite a backstory

The consistently charming, hilarious, and very real adventures of these two bloggers:  Melina Coogan from The Wilder Coast and Nici Holt Cline from Dig This Chick.  Each woman writes about her life in a rich, captivating way that never flinches from the truth or misses an opportunity to express love and appreciation for her life.  I love not only discovering a great blog, but also then finding a good fat archive to feast upon. 

Thinking very seriously about trying the 30 Day Paleo Challenge.  I mean why not?  It's only 30 days and if it can bring me more energy and get me out of this pain/exhaustion/caffeine/sugar/drugs spiral of death I will be thrilled.  It's not something that feels inherently wise to strictly adhere to, but I'd like to see if it helps me.

MAD MEN IS BACK!  MAD MEN IS BACK!!  Yes!  Finally!  Other than that all I've got left is Game of Thrones, where I never remember who goes with whom, and Nashville, which I love for the music and the Connie Britton but doesn't really challenge me or get me to think the way Mad Men does.  They give us a short film every week.  How lucky I am to bear witness to this era of creativity in media. 

I did tell you I was going to Brazil, right?  I've got to get on that.

Do any of you have any recommendations?  


Stacy @ Stacyverb said...

I'm already behind on Mad Men (no cable, so I have to catch up by any means necessary), but I agree about it being a mini movie every time. It's one of the few TV shows I watch anymore. That and Parks & Rec (speaking of Rashida Jones--total girl crush). Just too many other interesting things competing for my attention, which is fine by me.

Alannah said...

Stacy! Do you have a PC laptop? If so, go here:

Or to another site called Mopvideo.

I don't have cable either. I watch everything online. I got that cable that attaches my laptop to the tv and I can watch them on my bigger tv if I don't feel like lying in bed w/ the laptop on me watching shows, and possibly giving myself stomach cancer (imagined effects of having a computer sit on me for extended periods)

Michelle N. said...

You're going to BRAZIL? When? One of my friends went there last year for the first time (for work) and she loved it. I have no idea where she was, but her hotel was right across the street from the beach.

I have such conflicting opinions on The Marriage Plot. My biggest problem was comparing it to Middlesex.

I don't watch much/any TV or movies, so I can't make recommendations. I can, however, recommend a shit ton of 18th and 19th (and even early 20th) C. books.

Alannah said...

Michelle - my hotels are also right near the beach. I won't lie - I'm pretty excited about this pasty, lumpy bod getting some Brazilian sun.

Okay, yes. I'm only about 100 pages into TMP and while I love Eugenides' attention to detail and his long, descriptive passages I'm a little annoyed that it's not the gorgeous, sweeping tale that was Middlesex. That book haunted me for years afterward....just so good. So far the strange college students I'm encountering in TMP aren't grabbing me.

Why don't you already have a PhD in 19th C literature???

Michelle N said...

We should really take this to email. I am NOT starting a PhD at my age!

I do hope you're having a wonderful time!