Friday, May 31, 2013

Milestone - Graduation Day

I have no clue where Stella is in this photo.  I think over 500 kids walked for the graduation ceremony.  2/3 of Bud Walton arena, the UA basketball stadium, was completely full.

Sea of purple - FHS colors

My beautiful youngest sister, her very sweet man/partner/fiance Justin, and, the new love of my life, my nephew Izen.  His expression here is pretty awesome.  He did so well being surrounded by thousands of bored, screaming relatives and friends of the graduates.

That's Stella in the middle of the stage, just accepted her diploma.  What I failed to get a photo of was RIGHT after this when she briefly stopped in the middle of the stage and held her diploma up over her head like "Yeah!  I did it!"  And she did...this was the person named "Worst Case of Senioritis" by the entire senior class, after all.

The best part of the ceremony

The next night we threw a graduation party for her at this fantastic house that my dad rented for the week.  The big deck was perfect for hanging out, yelling down to visitors about where they could park, and grilling the food.  It was a perfect evening of family and beloved friends of all ages dropping by, eating, playing music & singing along, and celebrating my girl.  I should've been dead from exhaustion that night, but was energized by so much love and togetherness.  The entire Carr family, including the next generation, all came!  My ex, D., came with Django the dog and his guitar, much to everyone's delight.  Even Stella's friends remarked that it was a great party.  I was able to throw a party that pleased everyone from the babies to the was a perfect night. 

EVERYONE loved the cake most of all.  Ben from Little Bread Company outdid himself once again.  Inside was the most delicious butter cake with lemon curd & raspberry filling between the layers.  Heavenly!

This cake was HUGE and I only got one little piece.  That's how popular it was.

These three cuties have been friends since kindergarten.  Anna and Savannah are the closest thing to sisters that Stella has.

Ben & Hannah, the best bakers, bar-owners, and friends in the world.  I couldn't get enough of that baby either.

Henry insisted on helping Stella open her presents.  He's the cutest and Stella was very sweet and accommodating with him. 

Christina was standing next to me when I gave birth to Stella and I was so honored to return the favor three years ago when I was standing next to Christina when Henry was born. 

Henry's toes.  So cute.

I just love the big smile on Stella's face here.

Kelly's so cool. 

This formerly very shy girl surprised and delighted us when she got out her guitar and sang some songs for everyone.

My beloved Carr family and my sister Suzannah.  My heart overflowed with gratitude and happiness at having so many of my favorite people in one place.  

Stella and I have two and a half short months together before we pack up and drive to Colorado to move her into her dorm.  It's unbelievable to me, how quickly the time has passed.  New chapters, new beginnings, new challenges....I'll be writing about them all, trying to make the best use of time.  The past 18 years have been SO focused on raising Stella that I'm excited to think about investing energy into myself again. 

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