Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doing It For (Our)selves

My sister Jessy and I made plans earlier in the week to do something last night. Originally the plan was for us to go to the movies. We've been doing this as regularly as possible - going to the movies together. Jess and I have been "dating" whenever we get the chance - a dinner here, drinks there, going out to hear live music, saving each other spots in the hot yoga room. It's been so good for us both. We both went through painful separations at the same time, but Jessy took longer to make the final break. That happened last week, so we went out for drinks, stopped by a very cute business's anniversary party, and then walked up to the square for First Thursday and some live music. We enjoy our time like this together so much that we're starting to plan for it whenever our schedules align. I started thinking yesterday that maybe I didn't want to go to the movies, that maybe I wanted to enjoy a beautiful evening with my beautiful sister.

So we had a romantic sunset picnic.  We kept laughing that if a guy had gone to the effort we did (plastic champagne flutes, cheese board, homemade salads & hummus) he would be perfect, but most guys are not wired that way.  My sister and I decided we will have our own romantic dates that we wish guys would have the wherewithal and skills to organize.  We'll just meet our own needs in that department!

Let's start a revolution, ladies - quit expecting your guys to do these sorts of things for you.  If you want romance, create your own.

The hill on Mt. Sequoyah

Overlooking south Fayetteville

Post-yoga Jessy is as beautiful as ever
Nothing like that warm pre-sunset light

We stayed long enough to watch the moon rise

The end of a perfect evening

We both agreed that this would be a night we would remember for some time.  I'm so glad we didn't go to the movies. 


Jessy Lang - Good Things Boutique said...

Awww, that was super sweet. Love you sister!

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