Friday, June 07, 2013

Photo Dump

The past few weeks, according to my phone:
Went to NYC for a superquick work trip.  Stayed at a hotel directly next to the UN (you see it there to your left) and the East River.  I'd never stayed in this part of NYC before.  Stunning views.

Looking out the other side of my hotel room

Walking to dinner from the hotel I stopped at a traffic light and looked up - directly up at my favorite skyscraper.  The Chrysler Building is so sexy.

through the Instagram filters

It POURED rain the next day.  I forgot my umbrella.  Typical.

Annual Memorial Day Weekend float trip with Stella, Chloe, Chloe's dad Kyle and his friends from Oklahoma.  I loved being on the river in a kayak but had a frustrating day and felt a smidge abandoned.  Tipped twice, sliced the bottom of my foot, bruised....again. 
I got two photos before we left...then Stella had my phone all day and I never saw her again.  The little green kayak down there was mine. 

Brought a bubble gun.  Inspired me to buy two more last week.  Bubbles for everyone!

Sunset out at Riverdream

Stella's friend Chloe who we've known since she was a baby.  Sweet girl.

Last night my sister and I went to First Thursday to spend time together as sisters and celebrate (?) her finalized divorce.  I think Jessy and I get closer and closer every year.  We were incredibly close as little girls and teenagers, then grew apart in our 20s.  It feels so good to be close again. 

Everything's rosier through IG filters

No filter, no editing.  Just lovely nature. 

Our pretty downtown square
The day after Stella's graduation party, the Carr family and I went up to Crystal Bridges for a few hours because, except for Carrie, none had been yet.  Turned out to be Museum Day and swamped with people.  We still found ways to enjoy it.  I love getting to spend time with my friends' kids.  Because I had Stella so young I had very few "mom friends" when she was younger.  Now that my friends are having kids I get to spend time with them and have the energy to play and have fun with their kids.  I love this Liam so much! 

You can see here what he'll look like as an adult, I think. 

In New York I had the pleasure of meeting the international partners that I've worked with for the past six years but never met in person.  I feel like I know these people so well, after spending years sending emails and talking on the phone regarding specific students.  It was such a joy to meet these people finally and put faces to names. 
Minh, our Vietnamese partner

Jaruwat, our Thai partner (and my boss too).

Anabella, the Guatemalan partner.  We already knew we were destined to be friends.  One day, sooner rather than later, I'll visit her in Guatemala and we can finally have those long discussions about social justice, feminism, popular culture - both of our favorite topics. 


Carrie said...

Alannah, great pictures. Thank you for putting them on your blog...I look forward to it every day! I think you are right about the pic of Liam as an adult. So proud of you and your travels and work....

Alannah said...

Thank you Carrie! Your friendship & support has had a huge role in my life. Now...time to start planning a LR weekend. We should rent a Hot Springs lake house.