Friday, January 03, 2014

Re-solutions: Hello 2014 and Thoughts on Being Where I Am Right Now

My new year resolutions are always re-solutions, meaning they're always the same, always right, and I know that they're the keys to a happier, more fulfilled, healthier, smarter, better life.   The solutions that I must renew my commitment to every single damn year.  Things like:  be outside as often as possible; read more; move my body in a way that makes me feel good every day; eat more green than any other color; eat more colors, nature's colors; imagine, grow, make, and follow through with things; pay more attention to details, love the details…those sorts of things.  I will re-solve the mysteries of life.  We all know the answers already.

I'm unemployed for the first time since the meltdown years (2003/2004) so that makes it about ten years since I've been in this vulnerable, scary, exhilarating, transitional spot.  I'm much more confident now than I was then, though.  Well, understandably….ten years ago my personal & professional lives were shattered by a person hell-bent on destroying me.  And she did for a good year or two.  But now I'm unemployed by my own choice and I know I made the right choice.  I also feel much more secure in my talents and skills today.   I'm trying to really enjoy this unemployment because I know it will just be temporary.  Wednesday night (Jan. 1, 2014) I stayed awake super late, working on jewelry, watching all the Masters of Sex episodes, eating Hoppin' John & collard greens, and finished the 2nd 1,000-piece puzzle in a week knowing that I would sleep in the next morning.  Stella's home from college and doesn't go back for another week and it's been SO GREAT not having to go back to work on Jan. 2 and be gone all day.  Today we went thrifting.   I found a gorgeous pair of teal Diane Von Furstenberg teal suede heels for $4!  Stella got some sweaters and jeans.  We are looking for cheap ski pants and jackets she can take back to Colorado.  She knows ski instructors who have offered to teach her.  That makes me happy and excited for her.

I love my little house so much.  Every day it feels more and more like ME.  I'm hoping to productively use unemployed or free time continuing to organize and improve this space.  Do you know this feeling?  Where you walk into your house, breathe in, and it smells so good - just the way you want it to (whether it's with candles, incense, or the smell of good food cooking), and it just FEELS GOOD?  Like walking into a hug?  Well that's how my house feels to me.  It's dangerous, though….because I can easily spend two or three days here without leaving or even wanting to leave.  During our ice/snow storm a few weeks ago that happened for real.  I got a little cabin fever crazy, but was also completely content.

You'll be seeing me a lot more here and you can bet your ass on it.  If I stick with one commitment it'll be that.

Some photos from the past few weeks…all sorts of out of order, chronologically speaking - sorry.

A necklace I made on Christmas Eve.  We made as many presents as possible.  I'll write a future post on all the things I made, and how much fun I had making them.

My mom got this corduroy shirt at a thrift store, thinking it was perfect for the ever-popular "ugly Christmas" theme but it's surprisingly awesome!  The motif is dapper reindeer.  Look closely at how damn cool these reindeer are.

The back of Mom's secretly great reindeer shirt.

I was Marty's date to go hear the Early Morning Bourbon Girls reunion show at Maxine's on Dec. 28.  Everyone I've ever known just about, from Fayetteville and social media, was there.  It gave me a wicked case of social anxiety even though I was really happy to see everyone and to hear them sing.  

A good vintage score - satin pillowcase, vintage cloth napkins with a pattern I fell in love with, olive green silk dress, with tags still on, in Jessy's size for a perfect late xmas present, Little House in the Big Woods for my niece Lily, and old Vermont postcards.

Really pretty watermelon tourmaline, sunstone, and citrine faceted beads that Jessy picked out.  I'm going to  make her something special and beautiful for her with this combination.  Exciting!

Chicken stock

Hibiscus syrup flavored with ginger, honey, and vanilla.  Delicious with sparkling water, sparkling wine, or vodka cocktails.  This is another homemade gift I made.  So pretty too - dark red purple.

Buttermilk biscuits with jam that my friend Ginny's husband Derek (in Durango, CO) made.  Best biscuits I've EVER made.  

I worked here on New Year's Eve.  It was insane.  Not a spare empty spot.  I was happy to be busy and to have a task.

Hoppin' John (black-eyed peas, sausage, tons of veggies) with jasmine rice and collard greens.  The one New Year's Day superstition I follow.  Although I think of it more as tradition rather than superstition.  It also tastes really good!

We had Django for almost two weeks!  It was heavenly.  She's the best little dog and I love her so much it aches.  I know people might scoff, but I really think I understand the pain the parents who have shared custody must feel.  It hurts to be away from her and the times I have her are never long enough.

Benjamin eats and drinks while lying down - silly, lazy, adorable boy.

Today's thrift score - Stella's olive green wrap cardigan.  $3 at Goodwill!  And she's wearing the necklace I made her for Christmas too.  Her hair is so long.   My girl's beauty radiates from within and without….if I do say so myself.  That dimple kills me.

Happy New Year everyone!  What problems do you think you'll re-solve?  

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