Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The First Step...

Perhaps today I might start thinking about preparing a plan to initiate the discussions necessary for getting my shit together.

Whaddya think? 

It's the perennial question/problem/challenge/struggle isn't it?  HOW DOTH ONE GET ONE'S SHIT TOGETHER? 

So far here's how I'm working toward that goal:
  • Texting a LOT with Christina about how much we hate our bodies and have put on weight and hate Winter when we can't easily get outside to exercise
  • Cooking healthy foods at least once a week.  The rest of the time I'm eating leftovers or takeout Thai (cha-ching! That's a mark in the "does not have one's shit together" column, in my opinion.  Having one's shit together means being financially prudent and eating out only as a special treat, not driving 2 min. away to my favorite Thai place for Thai Basil Stir Fry)
  • S L O W L Y    rearranging my house so that it looks cute, uncluttered (HAHAHAHAHAHA), and like me.  It's slow going, but it IS moving in that direction.  God, I love my house.  I will post pictures once I attain that magical minute where there isn't cat hair everywhere and my art supplies strewn about
  • Using the justification that "It's the Golden Age of Television" to binge-watch everything from True Detective (don't get me started.  The showrunner is an MFA graduate from UA and originally intended for it to be set in the Arkansas Ozarks...of course the tax incentives offered by Louisiana won out.   I'm so mad.  How great would it have been to see the backwoods creepiness of my home region explored on national television?  I almost wrote a pissed-off email to the Arkansas Film Commissioner about it.  I'm almost That Woman.  You know the one.  The one who blows cat hair off her keyboard in order to fire off pissed-off emails and letters to the editor) to House of Cards to Downton Abbey to Nashville (I could dedicate an entire post to my love for Connie Britton and her enviable head of hair).  One could argue that its definitely NOT helping me get my shit together, but watching good movies or television get my neurons firing and I want to write about things so that's productive, right?
  • Finally we have been blessed (#blessed) with mild sunny weather this week.  I have fast walked/intermittently jogged every day for the past three days.  Today I am going to hot yoga.  Progress
  • Creating this here list
What are YOU doing to get your shit together?  Any tips?  Support?  Commiseration?  

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Carrie said...

Nic Pizzolatto? Was he there circa 93-99? Don't remember his name.... Yes, there needs to be more filming in the Ozarks. Not understanding why AR won't go ahead with the tax breaks.... I'm keeping up with DA. But haven't w/ HoC or True Detective. Those are my next two....