Friday, February 21, 2014

Things I Can't Get Enough Of

I feel like I write so much about things with which I'm obsessed (I know that's proper grammar but it feels/sounds awkward.  Prepositions schmrepostions) but there's no way I'm stopping now.  I spend a lot of time alone now and can easily become consumed with things.  Then I want others to love what I love, or at least have someone I can talk to about my obsessions.  Christina is usually the recipient of my "YOU HAVE TO watch/see/listen to/smell/read/become enraged about/understand THIS" emails and text messages.

Such as The Good Wife.  Do you watch this show?  YOU MUST.  If you're like me, you ignored it for years because the title is misleading.  I thought it was one of those shows that caters to female viewers, like Grey's Anatomy but it's definitely not.  It's smartly written, sharp, funny, zeitgeist-y, sexy, and nearly all the characters are super fun to watch.  Julianna Margulies' character Alicia Florrick has become my role model.  She is in-control at all times, never losing her cool or her composure.  She takes risks and trusts her gut.  She knows she is smart and capable.  I thought of her constantly when I made the decision to leave my job and during the interview process for my new one. 

And I just discovered Kroll Show.  I knew it existed but hadn't sat down to watch it ever until today and HOLEE SHIT is it the funniest thing ever.  Last night I watched it alone in my living room, laughing hysterically like a lunatic.  As a semi comedy nerd I had known of Nick Kroll and his seemingly endless cast of characters but hadn't watched the show.  Pitch perfect satire of reality tv and horrible people.

Speaking of comedy nerd stuff, I can't recommend The JV Club podcast highly enough.  Janet Varney, the host, is THE BEST.  Her open heart, hilarious personality, and creative spirit just blast through the airwaves (internet?  Tubes and wires?) and through your speakers or earbuds.  I love her voice, both literally and figuratively.  Maybe it's because we're about the same age and have had similar growing-up experiences (smart girls, troubled adolescents, experimented with too much too young) but I think it has more to do with the way that she can make anything and anyone relate-able.  Stella and I listened to that podcast all the way to and from Colorado last year.  It helped heal us.  We heard so many women's stories about adolescence and how they became the women they are today.  How rare is THAT?  Women talking to women about women's experiences?  And so hugely valuable.  I implore you to listen.  Download the episodes with the women you recognize first, but please don't discount the interviews with women you haven't heard of yet!  Put it on when you're cooking dinner, doing dishes, driving around.  I promise that you will laugh, you will cry, and it's better than Cats (remember that ol' gem?)

I've got lots more but perhaps should parcel them out.

It's taken me 2 days to write this and it's Friday afternoon....I'm dying to head out and drive to Little Rock to see my beloved Carr Sisters!

Perchance would you like to see my latest phone pictures?  Well you're gonna anyway:

Belated date night with longtime friend Amanda.  Bartender Rob just had to get in on this picture.  Check out that delicious cheese spread!

Next read.  Can't wait.

I bought this orchid plant on clearance last summer.  It was a stick in a pot.  I coaxed it back to life and this was its first bloom!

Benjamin, my love. 

Picture of a real photograph.  Stella and me at nap time.  1997

More experiments in gluten-free baking.  These were AMAZING.  I called them "kitchen sink cookies" because I just kept adding things - bittersweet and white choc chips, dried cherries and cranberries, coconut, oatmeal (whoops - gluten).

The best kale salad ever!  With quinoa, red peppers, toasted pine nuts, grated parmesan.  Lots of lemon & good olive oil for a dressing.

I probably shouldn't have taken this while I was driving.  But oh, isn't it beautiful?  This was one terrifying drive, the time I got home there were cars all over the roads.

Gluten-free snickerdoodles.  Almond flour.  YUM!

This is just around the corner from my house. 

Dogsitting cute little Vega.

Looking down 7th Street.  Feb. 2

The beautiful sunset the first day it snowed.

Looking up Mt. Sequoyah from the formerJefferson School playground

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You are making me miss snow! Beautiful pics!