Monday, March 10, 2014

Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You

I figured that the title of this post was first said by someone famous, so I did a search and found this fun site.  I'm bookmarking it for sure because I get annoyed by people who just re-post quotes and aphorisms that are misattributed.  Oscar Wilde and Kurt Vonnegut seem to be the most popular for this.  A few weeks ago a woman (who I respect and admire it should be noted) posted a quote on Instagram about how you don't love someone for their money or because they own "a fancy car" but instead for "the song in their hearts" or something to that effect.  The quote was attributed to Oscar Wilde.  At first, as with most things I see posted online, I just scrolled on past, on to the next thing!  But then I thought, "Wait a minute...didn't Oscar Wilde die around 1900?   How many people even dreamed of owning a car, any car, back then much less a 'fancy' one?"  Ever the copyeditor, I just had to say something, doing my part to reduce the tsunami of misinformation online since 1995.  Sure enough - false quote and she took it down. 

So anyway....some people think Eleanor Roosevelt said that we should do one thing every day that scares us, but the reality is that many of us have said it and some of us have the ability to print it on mugs and t-shirts and in cool fonts for Pinterest. 

If I really wanted to do one thing every day that scares me, I would walk to work.  I'd have to walk with little-to-no sidewalk for a good portion as well as pass the Salvation Army just at the time when they kick everyone (most likely already in the throes of DTs) out for the day. 

Of course what is meant by this quote is that we should challenge ourselves.  I did that last week when I got up onstage for a storytelling show.  The Speak For Yourself series, started in part by the brilliant Erika Wilhite, occurs once a month at my favorite watering hole.  There is always a theme and the story must be original and amateur - no previously-published stories.  The theme last week was Travel so I got up and told my story of when I was assaulted on the beach in Recife, Brazil.  Although I have been able to massively reduce any fear or anxiety of public speaking through years of teaching and facilitating trainings and workshops, I had never done this before so I was a little nervous.  I could've thought about it more and certainly could've ended it stronger, but Erika says that she wants the show to feel loose and improvisational.  I had fun, though!  It was fun to interact with a whole new group of people and hear their stories.  I enjoyed having people come up to me later and tell me they liked my story.  I definitely will do this again. 

Not much else going on....these last final weeks of winter are the worst.  Everyone's mood is BLAH.  So I've been watching movies (Dallas Buyers Club, Blue is the Warmest Color, lotsa docs), television (True Detective, Nashville, Parenthood and hurray for the return of The Good Wife!), reading tons of magazines and even a book or two (I Am Malala, Empire of the Summer Moon, Gone Girl).  I'm cleaning up my bad dietary habits, preparing for sunshine and longer days.  Dreaming of my garden this summer.

I also have been telling people that I'm turning 39 for the first time in a few weeks.  It's true.  Gah.

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Carrie said...

I was laughing out loud about the Salvation Army scene. How about sharing some of your gluten-free cookies (meant for your co-workers) with them?