Monday, March 03, 2014

Sunday Scenes

We had a weird sudden ice storm this morning. I was awoken by loud thunder and hail at 8:00am and it just got louder and stranger by the minute. Thundersleet! So what else to do but take photos of things inside my house. Here are a few favorite little parts of my home:

An icy day full of feline medication.  Perhaps some whipped cream & cinnamon on top of regular coffee might make the rest of the day go smoother.   Especially considering those medications are for dealing with a cat's inflamed anus.  When do I get to stop worrying about another creature's bodily excretions?  

looking into the kitchen zone

What Chickie has been staring at for hours

See - just staring away.

What you see when you first walk in.  Some of my art.  On the far left is a photograph I love by Adam Smith, a talented photographer I've known since I was a kid.  Then a print of the college where I stayed in Oxford, a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Olivia Trimble, Sleet City Decor on Etsy.  She's fantastic.  A print by  Dea Self, photo of Stella, another photo of Stella, and then a pen and ink of a prescription drug pool party that I really love by Sam Hauser. 

Chicklet.  Watching all day long. 

Bookshelf topped by a small Megan Chapman print, an old photo of my mom holding infant me, then little 3 yr old Stella. Plus wooden sculpture from Mozambique and Matryoshka dolls from Russia. 

A closer view

Megan Chapman's piece that is deceptively simple.  You can find similar pieces in her Etsy shop.

My mother and father worked at Renaissance Faires up and down the coast of California selling flutes when I was a baby.  That might explain my mother's outfit here.  Or this might've just been a normal outfit for her in 1975. 

Adorable Stella, outside the OG Penguin Ed's.  Probably 1997.

I love this ceramic plate with the subway map for London glazed on top.  By Ginny Sims a while ago.  In looking to link to her,  I found her website and she's got some incredible stuff on there!  Like I said, this is an older piece but I cherish it.  And an Alibrije pig from a Oaxacan student.  He's sitting atop a wooden cigarette dispenser I found at a flea market.  

Clockwise - Ozarkians record album, print by Dea Self, photo of sleeping 8 yr old Stella taken by my dad, iridescent root painting by Megan Chapman, family photo by Andrew Kilgore, Stella's senior portrait taken by Lindsey Chacon, who is no longer doing professional photography with Bluebird Photography, which is a shame as she is very talented.  

The sad state of my dining room table all the time now.  But I love this lamp that I found for $10 at Goodwill.  I had this shade on a different lamp but how perfect is that shade with this lamp?  I love how architectural it is.  Seems very Frank Lloyd Wright-esque.   Above the lamp is a piece Stella made in middle school art class, using the cats to examine the concepts of positive and negative space.   Fellow parents - don't you agree that there is something so fun and special about framing your children's work?  I think it helps to legitimize their talents.  

Another work of art Mom gave me when she sold her house and moved out west.  So sorry about that reflection.  

Table top display that I like. L-R: Christmas cactus gift from @Fear_Ants, photo of my sisters and me, beautiful sculpture from a special student from Oaxaca, photo of my family.  Skull sculpture also from Oaxaca.  In the back is a prayer rug from Palestine.  

Close up of family photo taken at a wedding in 2002.

My sisters.  2005

A basket made for me by my good friend Mario's tribe in  Brazil.  He gave it to me when I went to Brazil last year.  I treasure it because his mother and sisters personally made this for me.  His mother is a powerful woman in their tribe and is often called to São Paulo or Rio to speak on behalf of the indigenous people in Mato Grosso do Sul.  When I look at this basket, I feel connected to powerful women around the world who are working to keep their culture intact .  

Steamy window.  I found that blue bottle behind my sister's shop and thought it was pretty.  I took it home to clean it and realized it was a Bud Platinum bottle.  Still pretty though, right?   This funky old house has funky old windows that are anything but airtight or insulated.  Oh well.  It's a small house and still relatively cheap to heat and cool.  

The few succulents that are surviving.  Backed by a little pot Stella made a long time ago and a rock my friend Eric painted to look like an elephant.

Turtles made by little Stella, the prettiest jar lid in all the land, and another sort-of-surviving succulent.

I know I have a better way of displaying this gorgeous cabinet my mom gave me when she sold her house.  I need to hide my cleaning products and medicines…maybe put fabric behind the glass?  The post office boxes are handy.  I keep one around and every time I see a little something I want to give to Stella I toss it in a USPS box.  When it's full I mail it off to her.  Have I mentioned how much I love sending care packages?  BECAUSE I LOVE IT.  

Top of the cabinet

Baby Stella at a few hours old. 1995.

Little elephant.  Halloween 1997?  Back when all costumes were based on matching Garanimals sweats and building around them.  

Picture that sat atop our grandfather's desk for as long as I can remember.  Jessy and me, taken on the day that our grandfather first taught us how to fish.  My first fish!  He hand-carved the phrase "ask me about my grandchildren" on this frame that he also whittled.  So precious to me.  Toothless smiles, sundresses, and the first fish - timeless.

Wonderful hilarious clock painted by the crazy-talented Becki Lamascus.  I LOVE how her mind works and want at least five or six more clocks of hers.  

Print of "sea monsters" that Stella and I found at a flea market.  The frame I got at Goodwill.  That is something I always look for at thrift stores - mats and frames.  You can find DIRT CHEAP good quality frames and mats for little art pieces I seem to collect like dust bunnies.  *coughHOARDERcough*

Old print of the Flat Iron Building in Eureka Springs I found in a  flea market for $5.   Again with the reflection - sorry!

Painting and pen-and-ink sketch by my daughter.  Christmas gift 2013.

Hope you liked the little peak into my messy, colorful world.  I love my STUFF.  I love my house crammed full with all the STUFF I've collected over the years.  I love sitting on my couch, looking around, and feeling so comforted and happy by being surrounded by all these little things I've purchased or found or been given throughout my life.  


Carolyn said...

Your houe is so cool, I love all the photos and artwork. And I especially love the frame your Grandpa whittled, it's so great.

Liz said...

Your place looks great! You inspire me to actually get some art up on my walls, now that I've lived there for 6 months

AMY said...

I love this. I need to frame more of the kids' stuff.

Carrie said...

What a cozy neat place decorated with all the things that you love. You should be proud of the things you've collected from all over the world, especially from the students you've helped and mentored. Oh and of course Stella's photogeneity (sp?) shines bright.