Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Week, In Photos

Good timing!
Lilac season!  So blissful, so short.  I've found two big bushes that sit on property that MIGHT not be actively owned and cared-for.  Under the cover of night I cut as many blooms as I can fit in a grocery bag.  Lilac bandit, unashamed.

Blown up, it's really apparent how out-of-focus this picture is.  I was just so proud to have found morel mushrooms in my own front yard.  Soooo delicious sauteed with kale, garlic, and Irish butter.

I can't wait for Stella to come home and arrange my flowers for me.  I have to have flowers inside my house.  Flowers and candles make up for piles of clutter.

Lush backyard, halfway weed-eaten (hence the orange cord snaking over the back stoop fence)

Sad attempt at gluten-free lemon cornmeal pancakes.  But everything tastes good covered in fresh strawberries and sour whipped cream. 

My next-door neighbor picks flowers for me.  Remember being 3 yrs old and only picking the blooms?

Early spring in the Ozarks.  I love this time of year.

The landscape I adore.

Pink house

Once I had a flying dream where I flew over this exact same pasture outside Clifty, AR.

My grandmother's favorite blooming tree, the Dogwood.

I wish I knew the story behind this little church that sits off Highway 45 between Hindsville and Clifty.

Church outhouse

Captures the Ozarks perfectly, huh?


Hindsville, Population 75

One day I'm gonna stop and have a piece of pie at the Valley Inn Cafe.  Doesn't it look like they'd have good pie?

Valley Inn Cafe, Hindsville, AR

The tail end of Rosebud season


Liz said...

Beautiful photos! Oh how I miss the Ozarks!

ste-pha-nie said...

I'll have pie with you at the cafe in Hindsville! Then a stop at that antique shop across the street. :-) And I wholeheartedly agree that fresh flowers in the house is imperative. Gorgeous.

Nic Nicki Nicolette Nico said...

These are wonderful!