Friday, August 22, 2014

Attempting Wholeness

Excuse me as I get SUPER DUPER NAVEL GAZE-Y!

Literally.  Although I am not ready to show my navel to the public as of yet.

As I mentioned previously, I have been doing the Whole 30.  Thirty days of eating only whole foods.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  I've tried all sorts of other low carb diets (or "lifestyle plans" as they prefer to be called) but this one really stuck with me.  And I with it.  In fact, I'm on a little furlough right now for pizza and wine but will start another round next Monday.

The results from my first thirty days are:

Down 11.4 lbs on the scale and 7.5 inches, with the most (3 inches) lost off my waist.

I lost the photo I took that was supposed to be my "before" picture (stupid syncing with so many phones/ipads/computers - modern day probs) but this was taken the morning I finished the first round:
This is a size 8 dress.  Wahoo!  No double digits!
Here are examples of the foods I ate the past month:

Salmon cake (made with almond flour instead of bread crumbs) over a green salad and topped with my favorite paleo ranch dressing.

Sole filets, "breaded" in almond flour, seasonings, and ghee, served over a tomato/fennel/onion/garlic/caper saute.

Power Greens salad mix topped with chorizo, mango/avocado salsa and paleo ranch.

Sweet potato oven fries topped with pulled pork, salad of homegrown cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, and basil, avocado and of course that dang ranch dressing

Tilapia with sauteed green beans and fresh garden tomato slices

Chicken thigh over brussels sprouts with crispy bacon, shallots, and balsamic reduction

Zoodles (noodles made from slicing a zucchini with my mandolin slicer) topped with homemade beef ragu sauce, roasted beets, and fresh basil

MY FAVORITE NEW SNACK!! Watermelon with lime juice and cayenne pepper.  Spicy, sweet, juicy, crunchy, and sour all in one bite.  

A little treat - strong coffee, ice cubes, dollop of coconut cream, dash of cinnamon and vanilla all blended together

Another treat - chia seed pudding made with coconut milk, vanilla extract, and fresh peaches

When I craved something sweet I ate fruit.  I highly recommend trying this during the summer when we have tons of fresh fruit.

Roasted garlic rosemary sweet potatoes, sliced roasted beets, pulled pork, big green salad.


Carrie said...

Alannah! You look wonderful! I can see the change everywhere on you! Post more pics of yourself! Size 8? Sweet! And the food looks DELICIOUS! Of course, your fantastic cooking skills come in handy. I'm reading the link to Whole 30 now...considering you feel you can sleep, think, etc. better? Not sluggish or tired? What else about how you feel?

Ahmad k said...

U look gorgeous and u lost a lot ! Do u exercise? or that is solely because of diet.I am going over paleo recipes. I might be crazy enough to cook one my self :)