Friday, August 15, 2014

Stella left this morning for college (again).  Both of us think this may have been her last summer home but of course we never know.  I moved out at 17, only to find myself living back with my mother ages 28-30.

How redundant I must sound, but this summer has been ROUGH, man.  It's been rough on both of us.  We never really communicated our expectations about this summer to each other and, as a result, both my daughter and I often felt frustrated with each other.  It built up, as did the stress, until the top blew off last night - her last night in town.  Sound familiar?  That pattern is the goddamned blueprint for the worst parts of our relationship.  We both abhor conflict to such a degree that we tamp it down, tamp it down, ignore it, avoid it, and then BOOM!  It blows up in our faces.

So after many tears and a few tense conversations that gradually softened, we were finally able to hug and cry and admit to both of our failings.  She was supposed to leave very early this morning, caravan-ing with a friend who is moving to Durango to live with her and attend community college and her friend's mom.  At least she's not driving 1,000 miles alone, in a car that she's only recently become somewhat comfortable driving.  And never put into 5th gear.  Gulp.  At least she won't be alone.  They finally got on the road after 8am which means they probably won't drive all the way to Colorado tonight and will most likely stop in New Mexico.  We'll see if they listen to me.  My advice was to drive all the way to Albuquerque and stop there, knowing that from the Texas border to ABQ there really isn't much of anything.  Then ABQ is a relatively quick 3.5 hr drive to Durango.  What do I know?  I've only made this drive (wait...counting....) four times in the past few years.

Quick shots from the last drive:

I'm  nearly finished, Day 26 today, with my Whole 30 and I intend to take a quick break for some wine and cheese, maybe an ice cream cone, and then resume a 2nd Whole 30.  It's not so hard, once I got used to it and the benefits are numerous:  more energy, weight loss (13 lbs...and counting!), back pain markedly reduced, no digestion problems.  

If you've read here for a while then you know what a fan I am of film criticism.  In college I would hang out in the periodicals section of the library just reading old Pauline Kael reviews and issues of Film Comment.  Roger Ebert's death hit me hard.  I still keep thinking about how much he would love certain films (such as Boyhood, yes...I'm still deeply in its grasp).  I flirted with film analysis in graduate school and who knows, maybe one day I'll finish that master's degree in something even more useless than an English degree!  Now that we're living in the self-anointed Golden Age of Television, television recaps and reviews are just as interesting to me.  My favorite television critics are Heather Havrilesky, Matt Zoller Seitz, and Alan Sepinwall.  

This is all getting around to admitting that I only recently completed watching what many have described as The Greatest Television Show of All Time - The Wire.  

It's as good as promised.  In fact, as soon as consumed all five seasons, I immediately went back and started re-watching my favorites.  My recent obsession with The Wire (and its actors) led me to two BBC shows, Luther and The Hour.

Idris MF'in Elba.  Handsomest man in the world?  There's a strong argument.  

Luther is silly.  It's predictable and gruesome for the sake of "mood."   But the magnetism of Idris Elba is strong enough that I still watched all three series in like four days.  But silly.

At first when I started The Hour I, like probably every other American, thought, "Oh.  The British Mad Men."  But it's not exactly.  I love the score - very jazzy and upbeat.  It can be predictable as well, but not in the annoying way Luther can be because it's not trying to be DARK and BROODING.  I'm only three episodes in so far but I'm looking forward to the rest.


Anonymous said...

Hey, now, M.A.s in English are not useless! Ahem. I finally finished mine earlier this summer.

In all seriousness, I hope you have a smoother autumn. ("Fall" would sound a little weird in that sentence.) I still can't believe you're old enough to have a daughter in college. <3

Alannah said...

No, no - MAs aren't useless (usually!). If I ever go back and finish mine, it'll be an MA.

BUH-lieve me. I can't wrap my brain around Stella living alone in her own apartment in a town far away, either.

I miss you, Michelle! We should skype sometime.