Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Now Three Weeks Late....

My beloved sister Kate came into town two weeks ago for a wedding.  It was the loveliest wedding, too.  The bride has been taking African dance lessons for many years and many of the drummers attended the wedding.  Instead of any traditional dances (first dance, parent/child, etc.), the DJ stopped spinning music and the drummers set up and started playing.  If you've ever heard a troupe of African drummers expertly playing, you know that it's virtually impossible NOT to dance.  Margot, the beautiful bride, charmed everyone by dancing a traditional dance in her lace gown.  The look of pure exuberance and joy on her face is something I'll never forget.

We all danced all night and it felt fantastic.

The next day Kate and Chris and I went to Crystal Bridges to check out their new State of the Art exhibit.  It was nothing short of incredible and I can't wait to go back, look some more, get a little more engrossed, and revisit my favorites.

Made entirely of cheap romance paperbacks. LOVE!

Crocheted tunnel

some sort of  3d glass masterpiece

Taken in a room entirely covered in mylar.

Our photobooth pics - 3 of the 4 Massey sisters.  I love these!

Beloved brother-in-law Chris with Kate hidden in the back.  After-party at Maxine's Taproom.

Kate and I hiked the Rock City trail - another one I can't wait to return to.  

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